Natural World

THE NATURAL WORLD sequence consists of two semesters in which students explore historical influences on the development of the sciences and the interrelationships between science and culture. Unlike other introductory science courses at Baylor and most other universities, this multidisciplinary course is designed and team-taught by faculty from the different natural science disciplines. Content will be structured around a few unifying themes, such as matter, energy, and change; students will study these themes from the perspectives of various science disciplines. The study of energy, for example, would include its physical, chemical, geological, and biological dimensions.

Natural World I & II -Second Year, Fall and Spring Semesters

Incorporates lecture and laboratory experiences in this two-semester sequence that emphasize the foundations of natural science, science as a way of knowing, and the uses of science. Historical influences on the development of science and the interrelationship between science and culture will be explored. Lecture and laboratory material in The Natural World will be integrated. Laboratories will involve hands-on, discovery-based learning which will lead the student to make connections between observation and interpretation of natural phenomena through critical thinking and will seek to provide students with an understanding of the scientific method, hypothesis formulation and testing, collection of data, analysis of data, and interpretation of data in the context of hypotheses. Some fields of study include biology, chemistry, physics, geology, meteorology, astronomy, and ecology.

These courses are only required for certain majors. To determine if you have to take Natural World I or II please check your degree audit and contact your BIC advisor.


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