Course Structure

Course Structure

BIC classes are split into small group and large group settings to maximize the student learning experience. This course structure is unlike anything else at Baylor, and is a key benefit of the BIC program, allowing students to experience various approaches to the course materials.

  • Large Group: In large group classes students will benefit from the BIC’s team taught approach to BIC courses. Large groups will combine the separate small group classes. The professors will lecture from multiple academic perspectives on any given subject. In large group classes, students benefit from the diversity of professors' approaches and academic backgrounds. Large group sessions also allow for students to regularly gather with all of the students in their BIC cohort.
  • Small Group: In small group classes, professors will facilitate discussion of the course material. These classes are comprised of less than 20 students, providing students with the opportunity to exchange ideas through active engagement. There is an increased sense of comradery amongst students, that tends to lead to closer, long-lasting friendships. Because of the smaller class sizes, professors can invest in our students more. BIC professors want and enjoy getting to know their students, and care about their lives outside of the classroom. In BIC you are more than just a number!
  • Cohort Model: We are built on a cohort model which allows for students to be welcomed to Baylor by an immediate niche academic community. The 200 incoming freshman will grow together as they experience the same curriculum in the BIC program primarily their first two years. The small group and large group environments will allow for BIC students to build great friendships and experience a vibrant academic community. 
  • Various Disciplines: As an example, World Cultures I is taught by eleven faculty members from across Baylor's various academic departments and disciplines -- history, philosophy, religion, classical studies, modern languages and cultures, and more. Each of the eleven professors will lead a small group and each will also contribute to lectures for the large groups. Small group sessions will make up a little more than half of the total classes and large groups will make up a little less than half. All new students in BIC will attend the large groups sessions (approx. 200 students) and each small group will have fewer than 20 students.
  • Character Development: Character formation and development is another major aspect of the BIC. BIC students are challenged to reflect and think about who they are as an incoming freshman and who they want to become when they leave Baylor. BIC advisors, faculty, and staff love supporting and guiding students as they grow during their time at Baylor. BIC students engage in service learning and global leadership not only during their time at Baylor, but as they go on to do great things throughout the world. 

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