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BIC is heavily focused on a globally oreinted education. In the past two years, we have had at least 120 students, from a variety of majors, study abroad. Most of these students studied abroad during the two BIC summer programs offered. Nevertheless, BIC students have also had the opportunities to go on semester or year long study abroad trips. Honors College Scholarships are available for students wishing to participate in studying abroad! 

BIC Study Abroad opportunities

Baylor in Italy: Summer 2018


Summer 1: Drs. Colleen and Davide Zori will lead an Anthropology-Archaeology Field Project with a potential for getting BIC 4374 World Cultures V credit. Students can get World Cultures V credit by doing additional assignments that supplement the fieldschool experience. Here is More Information about the field school. 

Summer 2: Dr. Jason Whitlark will be offering:

BIC 3358 Biblical Heritage and Contemporary Issues

BIC 4389 Capstone: Medieval Pilgrimage

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“Baylor in Italy was truly the experience of a lifetime. The opportunity to learn about another culture through everyday interactions with citizens and excursions to different cities was invigorating and extremely rewarding. Having our professors by our side also enhanced the experience, as they shared with us their knowledge and their excitement. Participating in Baylor in Italy gave me new close friends and lifelong memories.” -Ashley Dyer

Baylor in Greece: Summer 2018

Summer 1: Drs. Douglas Henry and Scott Moore lead the Baylor in Greece study abroad trip, which will run from May 27-June 23, 2018. Three BIC courses will be available:

BIC 2330 Social World I

BIC 3358 Examined Life II: Biblical Heritage

BIC 4389 Examined Life III: Capstone- The Modern Odyssey

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Other Places BIC Students Studied Abroad: 

BIC students have studied in: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland/UK, Japan, Netherlands, South Korea, Spain, United Kingdom, and more.

Baylor offers a wide range of study abroad options. Check out the BearsAbroad website for more information on any of these other trips. If you are interested in studying abroad contact your current BIC advisor.

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