Meet our Alumni


Ross Natividad ('10)

Clerk for the 23rd Judicial Circuit of Virginia (Roanoke)

"BIC helped me embrace—and not shy away from—challenges in life. Whether it’s educational, professional, or personal, I know there’s always something to be learned from those challenges."


James English ('10)

Senior International Negotiator (Attorney)-Africa & Asia for Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

"BIC was great for the meandering academic interests I had. The BIC core classes counted towards a large chunk of the lower level requirements needed on both the liberal arts side and the science side. This allowed me to try both and get a good foundation in multiple subjects."


Rev. Amanda Boyd-Stratton ('04)

Full time local licensed pastor in Alto, Texas

" I would say World Cultures was foundational in my formation. Opening my eyes to the different cultures and religions of the world set me on a journey to explore all of God’s creation and to interact with and learn from as many different people as possible."


Cameron Boone ('04)

Vice President with Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL)

"The BIC provided an integrated liberal arts education in a larger university setting – the best of both worlds!"


Dr. Candance Weddle Livingston ('99)

Assistant Professor of Art History at The South Carolina School of the Arts at Anderson University

"Interdisciplinary training teaches one, most importantly, that no area of inquiry is off-limits or inherently foreign, as long as it is approached with an open mind and genuine curiosity."


Farrah Najmuddin Lang ('09)

Associate Attorney at Alimohammad & Zafar PLLC

"I think BIC is a wonderful program that not only prepared me for law school and practicing law, but also taught me to strive to be a better person."


Dr. Brian Dixon (’02)

Medical Director for Behavioral Health Services at BaylorScott&White All Saints Medical Center

"BIC taught me critical thinking; to question “why, what, how” with practically everything I do...questioning the status quo has expanded my worldview far more than I could have ever dreamed."


Katie Root
Dr. Katie Root (’05)

Internal Medicine Physician

"One important thing that I learned in BIC was to always ask questions. I never settle for believing something without doing my own research into it. "


Kiera Boyle
Dr. Kiera Boyle (’09)

Clinical Psychologist

"I think that value of openness and genuinely attempting to see connections and meaning in things that initially feel very “other” from myself has influenced my desire and ability to empathize with people, including patients."


Sabrina Neff
Sabrina Neff ('02)

Consumer Finance Litigation Attorney

"Our BIC coursework required that we view the world for the multi-dimensional conglomerate that it is.  My BIC education made me unafraid to challenge oversimplification whenever I encounter it."


John Erickson
Dr. John Erickson (’00)

Orthopedic Surgeon

"BIC provided me with a good foundation for interacting with people from all walks of life."


Flore Lee Peir
Flora Lee Peir (’03)

Assistant News Editor at the New York Times

"I think people who are naturally curious and open-minded seek a BIC education, and in return the curriculum lays out vistas that we did not know existed. It enhances the lives of people who were already interested in knowing more about the world."


Holly Joyner
Holly Joyner (’07)

Program Director for Baylor & Beyond

"The emphasis on learning is what I loved most about the BIC... Now as a higher education professional I try to be as diligent as possible in keeping updated on current events in order to assist my students in being self-aware as well."


Keisha Ray
Dr. Keisha Ray (’07)

Assistant Professor of Bioethics at Texas State University

"BIC gave me a love for humanities and a love for interdisciplined learning. All of my courses are interdisciplined and I often ask colleagues with expertise that I do not have to help me teach my courses, a style of teaching I first encountered with BIC."


John-Michael Marrs (’04)

Assistant Professor in the Department of Theatre Arts at Baylor University

"The emphasis on and appreciation of diversity within the BIC contributed tremendously to my development not only as an actor, but also as a functional member of society."


Bettina Drake
Dr. Bettina Drake (’01)

Assistant Professor in the Division of Public Health Sciences at Washington University School of Medicine

"Hold on to the global perspective that BIC provides. It will be useful no matter what career you choose."


Laura LeFevre
Capt. Laura LeFevre (’08)

Captain in the United States Air Force

"From critical thinking to writing, all of the classes that I took in BIC really set me up well for my career...It allows me to relate to many people and cultures."


Omoniyi Omotoso
Dr. Omoniyi Omotoso (’00)

Pediatric Physician

"The greatest value of the BIC program was the opportunity to learn from…diverse disciplines which I would have missed in a traditional biochemistry curriculum. BIC education enabled a more well-rounded and worldly-educated mind."


Kandace Hillebrandt
Kandace Hillebrandt (’10)

Program Specialist at the Area Agency on Aging

"The BIC taught me to look at the world in a new and different way. I learned how to analyze multiple viewpoints and carefully consider my own opinions. I developed a deeper and stronger belief system that has influenced how I approach my work and my life."


Malle Carrasco
Malle Carrasco ('12)

Recently finished teaching with Teach for America.

"I have many favorite memories from BIC! It’s an eccentric group. If I had to pick one, it would probably be the very first class, in which Dr. Hanks welcomed us with a huge smile, addressed us as colleagues, and then jumped into a discussion about language."


Christine Gentry
Dr. Christine Gentry ('03)

Director of Certification for a network of public schools

"BIC fosters a kind of wideawakeness about the world - a sense of how intricate and interconnected all of its parts really are. That kind of wideawakeness sticks with you and, I believe, makes you a better citizen of the world, no matter what field you settle in to."


Megan Rapp
Megan Rapp ('07)

Currently works for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

"BIC was a very formative experience for me, and in fact, continues to shape how I view the world, problems, and solutions."