A University Education As It Should Be

By Peyton Wofford, Class of 2007

For me, the BIC means a community of students that begins in the classroom and extends into the residence hall and campus at large. The community created by the BIC meant I never had to study alone and that I had a core group of friends who understood exactly what I was going through. We could build on each other's knowledge, personal experience, and perspective. I didn't feel like just another freshman in a "weed-out" introductory course. Instead, I knew my BIC professors were introducing intellectually and socially challenging opportunities to me because they wanted me to grow as a person and a student.

The BIC wove seemingly disconnected aspects of my required course work together. As a senior, I still find myself referencing concepts and actual facts I learned three years ago as a freshman. This retention is a testament to not only the BIC as a curriculum, but to the superb professors the BIC has to offer its students. The BIC is challenging, relevant, and intentional/purposeful. In short, the BIC is a university education as it should be.