BIC Advisement

BIC advising appointments take place in our office - Morrison Hall 231

Students with less than 30 earned semester hours will be advised by Dr. Melanie Nogalski (last names A-G), Mr. Christopher Moore (last names H-R), or Mr. Adam Moore (last names S-Z).

SPECIAL NOTICE: Students who started BIC in fall 2016 will be advised as follows: Dr. Nogalski (last names A-G), Mr. Christopher Moore (last names H-M), and Mr. Adam Moore (last names N-Z).

In either case, an advising appointment for students with less than 60 earned hours is required to be able to register for the next term.

Students with more than earned 60 hours with last names A-L are assigned to Dr. Nogalski, and students with last names M-Z are assigned to Mr. Adam Moore.  BIC advising for students with more than 60 earned hours is not required, but you still may need to see your BIC advisor to complete a BIC petition or consult on remaining BIC requirements. If you are not sure if a BIC appointment is needed, call (254) 710-3981. 

To schedule an advising appointment:

To make an appointment with your assigned BIC advisor, go to the Student Success Collaborative (SSC) page. Select "Make an Advising Appointment" on the right of your home page. If you need to cancel and reschedule an appointment, select those options in your appointment notification and choose another time.

BIC advisors open up their individual appointment calendars for two weeks only. If no appointment is available, check back later.

Other advising assignments:

All BIC Students should check Bearweb to verify if any additional advising appointments are required. Juniors and Seniors in BIC should check for the advisor in their major department. Visit your BearWeb account and select - Student Services & Financial Aid - Advisement - Advisement Contact Information. Here you will find your specific advising areas and/or Advisor.

BIC and Honors Advising:

Students in both BIC and the Honors Program with less than 30 hours earned will be advised for Honors by their BIC advisor. You are not required to make an appointment with an Honors advisor.

Sophomores in both BIC and the Honors Program (students with 30-59 completed hours) are required to be advised by an Honors Program advisor.

To prepare for your advising appointment:

• Review your degree requirements on your Degree Audit
• Prepare a list of possible courses for next semester.
• Use Course Listings to determine if the courses are offered.
• Bring both your degree audit and your possible schedule to your advising appointment, along with your undergraduate catalog.
• Check Bearweb to determine if you need to meet with other departments for advising, as well.
• Refer to our Major Academic Planners (MAPs) if you are thinking about changing your major.