Why BIC for University Scholars?

by Mary Gajewski, Class of 2005, University Scholar/Pre-med

The first questions to ask yourself concern your intentions in education-what do you want to get from all of this? Why are you here? How can you become a better student? a better scholar? a better person? Please give consideration to the answers to these questions before judging which education is best for you.

As University Scholars, we have aspirations past obtaining an undergraduate degree, whether they include medical school like me, law school, or some not-yet-known form of graduate school. If your main ambition is to get from point A to point B, the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core is probably not for you, as BIC courses are not necessary to take you there.

But if you want to develop your intellect as to better adapt yourself to different cultures, to higher thought, and to the learning process, I encourage you to take another look. Not only does it provide a great subject for future interviews, but also a unique way to look at humanity.

My most challenging courses here at Baylor have been BIC courses. The successful BIC students are not in the program just "to get through" college, but to better themselves. They are challenging not only because of the material or the requirements for high scores, but because of its impact on the mind. As intellectuals, you will be stretched. As social beings, you will be edified. As spiritual creatures you will be pushed to reevaluate how and why you believe.

With extraordinary professors, significant material, and certainly the most interesting classmates, the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core offers a truly distinguished education. It has helped me to bring academic spheres together and thus has added to my integrity as a Christian, a Citizen, and a Scholar.