B.E.S.T. - Business Excellence Scholarship Team

Fall 2008 Case Studies and Projects

During Fall 2008, the class had the unique experience of working with social entrepreneurs in the Dominican Republic. During the trip, our class had the chance to network with various individuals in the areas. The experiance was like no other, in that it gave business students the chance to make a difference in the world. Below are summaries of a few of our projects this semester.

Mata de Palma Project

Given the task to delineate the most efficient use of 30 percent of profits for social projects,our groupconcluded that the best way to improve the lives of the people in Mata de Palma would be to conglomerate all services into one Community Center.In order to maximize the utilization of services, at least for the initial stages,all electricity will be directed to this one building, as opposed to every house or structure in Mata de Palma. Along with this idea, the potable water will also go to this one buildingthat will be available for the use of the community. The purpose of this community center is to serve as the new location for a school, comprised of three classrooms, a new health clinic, with several new exam rooms, a community room, to serve as a place for the community to meet, and finally, temporary living quarters for medical mission teams, visiting doctors, etc. This initiative allows the project to simultaneously carry all the social goals alongside the economic progress in Mata de Palma. By eliminating the prioritization of necessary social projects, electricity, potable water, health, and education, the focus can be for a greater level of improvement in all the necessities of Mata de Palma.

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