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Program Overview

Business, Excellence, Scholarship and Team

Ropes Course
Every year, the BEST Program attends a beginning of the year low and high ropes course event. This event serves as a teambuilding event for the BEST group and a chance for everyone to get comfortable with one another...maybe a little more comfortable than expected!

Course Work
Students read selected articles from business periodicals such as the Harvard Business Review in order to prepare the class. Dr. Marlene Reed, the program director, lectures on business, and strategic theory to equip students for higher-level business thinking.

Field Case Experience
The BEST Program places students in a semester-long business planning development project. This semester, students are working with various entrepreneurs in energy, electronics, and software ventures. In the past, field case placements have included Hunt Oil Corporation,, Providence Hospital, the City of Waco Housing Department, and ACT I aviation company.

Guest Speakers
In the past, the BEST class hosted the following groups during class time:
J.P. Morgan Chase, Wal-Mart, Conoco Phillips, Legal Counsel from Shell Oil, and Mac Fulfer, Amazing Face Reader. This semester, BEST has the pleasure of hosting Frost Bank CEO Pat Frost.

Office Visits
Oftentimes, the BEST Class will travel outside Waco in order to learn more about the business world. We believe that this on-site experience is truly a unique and effective way to prepare us for the business world.

International Trips
Part of the BEST experience is attending one or two international trips during this semester program. This Fall, the BEST class traveled to the Dominican Republic to conduct preliminary research for semester projects in social business, tourism, and NGO work.

Committee Work
BEST is a student-run organization and student committees facilitate the program. These groups include Alumni, Trip, Web Page, Social, Historian, and Guest Speaker committees.

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