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Below is the Recruitment Schedule for the 2022-2023 BEST class

Wednesday, January 26th - BEST Information Meeting, Foster 240,
6:00 - 6:30pm

Friday, February 4th - Professor Nominations Due

Friday, February 18th - Applications Due

Friday, February 25th - Last Day to Sign up for Interviews

Monday, February 28th - Tuesday, March 1st - Interviews

Friday, March 4th - Post new BEST class

Monday, March 14th - Introductory session for new BEST class

*All dates are subject to change, check back for updates

Frequestly asked questions-

1. For what classification of students are you accepting applications? We are interested in junior-level candidates who are business majors.

2. What does the recruiting process look like? The process takes place early in the spring. First, a professor in the business school must nominate you for the program. You may prompt a professor to submit a nomination form for you. Second, you must submit an application by the posted date. The application consists of questions about GPA, major, campus involvement, and a few essays. After the applications are collected, the recruitment committee will post a list of students who are asked to sign up for an interview. After the candidates complete interviews, the 2023 BEST class will be announced.

3. Will BEST fulfill any degree requirements? The program is structured as two courses taken in the fall and spring semester of your senior year. The fall class counts as an upper-level business elective, and the spring class counts as the required course, strategic management (BUS 4385).

4. What are you looking for in a candidate? There are no clear-cut criteria to be eligible, but one focus of the program is to unite academically excellent business students of all disciplines. Factors that will be considered are extracurricular involvement, demonstrated leadership skills, work experience, GPA, and major. Also, diversity is important to the team and will be considered in candidate selection.

5. How do I get started? Professor nominations are due at the end of January or beginning of February. We will post information in the business school when the forms are available. Most professors are aware of the program and will be happy to recommend you.

If you have any questions about the BEST recruitment process, please do not hesitate to email Tyler Self at

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