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Ticket Update for Floyd Casey Stadium in 2013

Aug. 8, 2013

New Tickets for final year at the Case (UPDATED: Aug. 8, 2013)

It has been a historic period for Baylor Athletics and this year is continuing that trend. In 2013-14, record numbers have joined the Bear Foundation and more season tickets have been sold at Floyd Casey Stadium than any other year.

As a result, we have sold out of all Bear Foundation premium seats from sections D to H at Floyd Casey. Regardless of Bear Foundation donation level, the best available remaining seats (as of August 8) are found in the top of sections B or J on the West side or section S on the East side of the stadium. Season tickets are selling fast and you are encouraged to act now if you want to purchase seats.

With the move to Baylor Stadium next year, joining the Baylor Bear Foundation now is the ideal opportunity to improve position for seats next year at Baylor Stadium. Selection for the new stadium will be based on 2013-14 BBF membership level and ticket limits will be based on the number of seats you own in 2013 at Floyd Casey Stadium. Please take a few minutes to look over this brochure for full details on the stadium transition plan:

To help understand the ticket order your will receive in the new stadium selection, this link shows the number of tickets currently occupied at each Baylor Bear Foundation level: You have until November 22nd to join/increase your 2013-2014 pledge to position yourself in the seating process.

We appreciate your interest in the Baylor Bear Foundation and Baylor Athletics. We look forward to cheering on our Bears with you in the final season at Floyd Casey. Sic 'em!

If you have additional questions on Bear Foundation football season tickets in 2013, please contact the Bear Foundations office at 254-710-2582 or via email at

Baylor Football Single-game Tickets*

Tickets are available online at, in person at the Baylor Athletics Ticket Office or by phone at (254) 710-1000. *Single-game football tickets, excluding the Dec. 7 game vs. Texas, also are on sale. Single game seats for the Texas game are sold-out with the only way to guarantee a seat for the Floyd Casey finale now coming by buying a season ticket.