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Ticket Resellers Policy

Ticket Resellers Policy

Tickets for Baylor sporting events remain in high demand as Baylor competes among the top teams in the nation as a member of the Big 12 Conference. We appreciate the dedicated Baylor fans who show up to Baylor athletic events in order to support our student-athletes and cheer the Bears on to victory.

With athletic success and the high demand for tickets, comes the potential for tickets to be resold on the secondary market. Although this process is not illegal, it is our hope that each home sporting event boasts a distinctively pro-Baylor environment.

We understand that at times, Baylor fans may not be able to attend a game for which they have tickets. In the event that a Bear Foundation member wishes to resell their ticket, we hope you will sell to Baylor fans to preserve the home-field advantage and maintain a great Game Day atmosphere.

All top athletic programs are impacted by professional ticket resellers, and Baylor is no exception. Professional ticket resellers are a part of our season ticket buying base. This practice is extremely difficult to regulate and prohibit as many season ticket holders who do not purchase their tickets for the sole purpose of resale, will at times place inventory on the secondary market. However, below are some examples of how we have implemented policies in an attempt to minimize the impact of ticket resellers:

  • Ticket limits are in place for both new season ticket requests (4 per account) and those wishing to add season tickets (2 per account). This policy helps regulate amount of tickets associated with an account to prevent certain accounts from buying up large quantities at one time, whether they are first time season ticket requestors or existing season ticket holders.

  • Accounts with 10 or more season tickets are not eligible to purchase additional season tickets under that respective account. This policy prevents an account from obtaining an excessive number of tickets, creating opportunities for a greater number of fans to purchase season tickets.

  • Accounts with 10 or more tickets and those that regularly sell their tickets on the secondary market are not eligible to participate in the seat upgrade/relocation process. When it is possible to identify an account that routinely resells tickets, they will not be eligible to participate in the upgrade process to prevent those accounts from claiming prime locations.

We hope to provide our Baylor teams with the best possible advantage and a key component of that is protecting seats in our home arenas and stadiums. Please consider these policies as you manage your season and single-game tickets.

For questions about our policy or more information about the resale of tickets, please feel free to contact the Bear Foundation office at (254) 710-2582.