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Baylor Season Ticket Transfer Policy

Baylor Season Ticket Transfer Policy

Effective and updated April 1, 2016.

Season tickets and/or donor parking, for any sport in which they are sold, may be transferred to an immediate family member. This transfer request is limited to immediate family (i.e., parents, children, grandchildren, siblings).

In order to transfer season tickets and/or donor parking to another account holder:

1. The transferor must make a formal request to transfer season tickets and/or parking to the Baylor Bear Foundation in writing by completing a Season Ticket Transfer Request Form and returning it to the Bear Foundation office. Both the transferor and the transferee must consent to the transfer.

2. Annual Baylor Bear Foundation contribution level of the transferring member must be met and maintained by the recipient to receive the ticket transfer. In addition, the recipient will incur any respective seat options associated with the transferred tickets, if not already covered by BBF giving level. In cases where the transferring member is a Seat Option level member, the recipient must maintain a $200 or higher annual BBF donor level.

Click here to download the Season Ticket Transfer Request Form.

Special Circumstances

In the Event of a Death: Tickets and/or donor parking may be transferred into the name of the surviving spouse. If no surviving spouse exists or no transfer request to an immediate family member is made within sixty (60) days, the tickets and/or donor parking will be released and made available to the public based on BBF Priority Points System Rankings.

In the Event of a Divorce: Baylor will abide by any court ordered decision as to the re-allocation of any tickets and/or donor parking. Upon both spouses’ consent, Baylor will allocate the tickets or parking as desired.

Corporate Account Transfer: Tickets and/or donor parking may be transferred into a new account upon the formation of a company or entity where the tickets and/or parking were previously held by an owner’s personal account. In the event of a sale or acquisition of a company, the tickets and /or parking may be transferred to the acquiring company. In the event of dissolution, the tickets and/or parking will be allocated to the former owners of the company at Baylor’s discretion.

Priority Points

Bear Foundation Priority points are non-transferrable. In the event that season tickets and/or donor parking are transferred, any previously acquired priority points remain with the original account holder. The only exception is when a death occurs and the surviving spouse becomes the new account holder.