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For more information about how you can support the bear program, contact Dr. Matt Burchett at

Home to Baylor's live Bear mascots, The Bill & Eva Williams Bear Habitat, is a USDA Class C zoological sanctuary, boasted as "the most visited site on Baylor's campus" offering educational exhibits and dynamic educational presentations. In addition to providing the highest level of care for bears, the program has a unique national and state platform because of its special relationship within Baylor University.

These programs could not exist if not for the generous support from across the Baylor University family. As we look to the future of our program, we'd like to invite you to partner with us in creating an even more engaging experience at the Bill & Eva Williams Bear Habitat. A gift of any size will contribute directly to the legacy of this important Baylor tradition and the continued conservation and education opportunities that our bear program provides. If you are interested in purchasing a brick or paver for the bear habitat, click here.

Meeting the Needs of the Program

A $500,000 contribution will allow the Bear Program to make dynamic improvements to the visitor experience that will both improve the quality of the passive engagement of visitors, and also allow for greater active and targeted educational efforts.

  • Children’s Interactive Exhibit ($150,000): A space for children to learn and explore the life of an American black bear including a discovery dig area, bear cave, tree climbing demonstration, and a log bridge. This area would allow for groups (such as K-12 classes) to receive interactive presentations about the bears and the work of the bear program.
  • Bear Memorial Plaza ($150,000): Plaza honoring all past bears who have served Baylor University
  • Bear Report Board ($100,000): This new addition will display weekly meals and planned activity for the bears for the public to demonstrate stewardship of their well-being and provide educational insight into the operations of the program
  • Bear Demonstration Platforms ($25,000): Student trainers will have platforms constructed on the interior of the landscape to offer live bear demonstrations wherein Joy & Lady show off their learned behaviors (Sic’em, Smile, Standing, etc.)
  • Bear Paw Light Sign ($25,000): New light will be installed that will glow when the bears are in the enclosure and active (i.e. ready for visitors)
  • Other Projects / Infrastructure ($50,000): Sidewalks, seating, and landscaping improvements