Disability, Faith, & Flourishing Initiative

We are working to establish an interdisciplinary collaborative on faith and disability which promotes the flourishing of people with disabilities, as well as their families and faith communities. We are bringing together people with disabilities, scholars, ministers, lay leaders, faith-based organizations, and others committed to creating accessible communities marked by full participation and belonging. Together, we will conduct and support high-quality empirical research; advance faithful theological reflection on disability and the Church; initiate, sponsor, and disseminate inclusive teaching and learning around topics in disability and faith; and equip congregations and disability organizations through education and leadership training.

Current projects include a national study of disability and ministry within Christian churches, an exploration of vocational calling in the lives of special educators and disability service providers, a study addressing the spiritual lives of people with intellectual disability and their families, and creation of a searchable database of resources related to faith and disability.

We are eager to involve members of the Baylor community and beyond to join in this work. To learn more, contact Erik Carter (Erik_Carter@baylor.edu) or Devan Stahl (Devan_Stahl@baylor.edu).