Autism Summer Camp

Camp Groups will be organized by age and number of students in each group. Each group will be led by at least two Baylor Educational Psychology graduate students for campus fun. Possible activities: Cameron Park Zoo, outside games, snack time, water play, bowling, scavenger hunts, visiting the Mayborn Museum and Baylor Center for Developmental Disabilities, and arts & crafts!

As you noticed we may be at several different locations wanting to provide good experience for everyone. We are welcoming, however we do have the following restrictions: Children must be potty-trained and between 3 and 18 years of age. For safety reasons, we cannot accept children who engage in elopement, physical aggression, or sever self-injurious behaviors. Application process may involve a follow-up parent interview.

Cost of camp: $75

The deadline for Summer Camp 2019 has ended.