Interest Groups

Below you can find a list of interest groups for the current year with a description of the group and the group leader’s contact information.


Book Club

Join a group of ladies who love to read! Books are selected at meetings by the members present. Meetings take place in member's homes on various nights throughout the year.

Leader: Christine Wilkins


Cards and Games

Join us as we gather to play card and board games!

Leader:  Michele Stover


Girls’ Night Out

This group meets monthly to enjoy dinner and fellowship at various area restaurants.

Leader: Kristina Campos-Davis


IF: Baylor

A cross-generation, cross-denomination community of Christian women with the purpose to gather, equip, and unleash our generations for Christ. We want to support one another, learn from one another, and lift each other up as we each live out our unique calling.

Leader: Sara Perry


Off-Campus Lunch Group

This group meets monthly for lunch throughout the year at various Waco restaurants. The purpose of the group is to enjoy good food and fellowship.

Leader: Ilsa Burns


On-Campus Lunch Group

Food, friends and fellowship! Gather at eating spots around campus for lunch and conversation during the fall and spring semesters.

Leaders: Needed (Rachel Caldwell would be interested in co-leading with another member)


Baylor Theatre Group

This group meets for performances of Baylor Theatre productions. In the past, the directors of the plays have been invited to speak to the group informally about the productions, while everyone enjoys light refreshments provided by group members. A co-leader is needed for this group to continue.

Leader: Kathy Hutchison


Community Service and Involvement Interest Group

This virtual interest group serves as a clearinghouse for service opportunities. One example is the LEAD program:

The LEAD program is a business and education partnership sponsored by the Greater Waco Chamber. The program pairs Waco Independent School District, LaVega ISD, Midway ISD, Harmony Science Academy and Rapoport Academy high school students with business leaders to foster mentoring relationships that educate and expose students to various business fields. By improving the students’ knowledge of higher education and potential career paths they expand their goals for their future. We hope to motivate them to graduate high school and pursue higher education, which in turn ensures greater employability and quality of life.

Leader: Brooklynn Wynveen



For those interested in photography

Leader:  Rachel Caldwell