Membership Eligibility and How to Join

As stated in our Bylaws, the following women associated with positions categorized as regular faculty and staff, active or retired, are eligible for membership in Baylor Round Table:

  • a. Female faculty and staff.
  • b. Female spouses and widows of faculty and staff.
  • c. Female visiting faculty and female spouses of visiting faculty.

Annual dues are $45 for the 2022-2023 year.  A Newcomer may have complimentary membership in Baylor Round Table during her first year in Baylor Round Table.

Join online now to begin enjoying the benefits! Joining using your credit card is highly preferred, if you must pay by check please send your check made out to Baylor University to One Bear Place #97163, Waco, TX 76798-7163.

For membership questions, please email

Why Become a Member

Here are just a few reasons to join the Round Table:

"I have enjoyed being a member of Round Table for 27 years. I have always believed involvement in this organization is the best way to know and become a part of The Baylor Family. I wish all eligible women of Baylor, from newcomers to retirees, would join Round Table every year and participate in as many academic, service, interest group, social activities as they so choose. There is still much to be given and much to be gained from an organization that will be 114 years old next spring."

Judy Schmeltekopf, spouse, past Baylor Round Table president in 2003-2004 (100th Anniversary Year)

"When I joined the Baylor faculty, I left behind a number of good friends at my previous university. Within weeks of arriving at Baylor, I joined the Baylor Round Table. And now my Baylor relationships are integrated with my daily university life. I love being at Baylor and Round Table has played a key role in helping me form new friendships in my Baylor home."

Andrea Dixon, Baylor faculty, BRT Past President

"When I started working at Baylor in 1982, I heard about Round Table and joined as soon as I became eligible in 1990! Through the years I have enjoyed networking opportunities with ladies from all across campus and participating in interest groups, as well as personal and professional development through regular programs and events each year. Even though I recently retired, I still may not be able to attend everything—but I do plan to be as active as possible because Baylor Round Table programming and members enhance my life."

Diana Ramey, retired Baylor staff

"I became a Round Table member within a month of joining the Baylor community. I didn’t know anyone when I moved from the Midwest to Waco for my husband’s job and my job at Baylor. For me Round Table provided a variety of events to meet women from all over the university. Many of the women I have met through Round Table I also work closely with in my role at the university. I have appreciated forming new friendships with women who have been at Baylor for many years and those women who are just beginning their Baylor journey like I did a few years ago. Baylor Round Table truly has something for everyone!"

Michelle Cohenour, staff