2021-2022 Committee and Other Chairs

Interest Groups (Several events through the Academic Year starting in August): Brooklynn Wynveen 
Membership Tea (September): Carroll Crowson 
Newcomer Welcome Luncheon (October) and Coffees (through the Academic Year starting in November): Kathleen Stotlemyer and Karla Smith
Programs (Several events through the Academic Year starting in October): Brooke Blevins
International Student Thanksgiving Dinner (November): Lauren Farish and Kathleen Stotlemyer 
Christmas Concert and Luncheon (December): Sandy Bennett and Amanda Weir
Scholarship Fundraiser and Style Show (spring): Sheri Dragoo and Alycia McCormack
Anniversary Event (spring): Pending
Budget: Dana Lee Haines 
Chaplain: Grace Semple-Paul
Corresponding Secretary: Brooklynn Wynveen 
Membership: Denyse Rodgers
Public Relations:  Rizalia Klausmeyer
Scholarship: Rhonda Gibson and Kathy Hillman