About Baylor Round Table

Baylor Round Table is an organization where the women of Baylor (both employees and spouses of employees) enjoy networking opportunities, service experiences and both personal and professional development through special programs and events each year. Each member of the organization is encouraged to participate at time permits by attending programs, serving on a committee, or offering their unique talents and connections.

Join as we come together to enhance community building through social, cultural, and service opportunities. We will share our varied interests, participate in a variety of events, all the while enjoying Baylor’s rich Christian heritage and traditions of giving back to the community and to our students through scholarship.

The Baylor Round Table Scholarship, awarded annually, provides an opportunity to make a difference in a Baylor student’s educational experience and future. Our contributions to this fund, which can be made as tributes, memorials, and/or special gifts, are an investment in Baylor’s future, because our students are our future.

Baylor Round Table… Join today and help us build a better university, a better organization, and better selves!