If you are a woman of Baylor, then Baylor Round Table offers something for you! Baylor Round Table raises money for a student scholarship and provides service, social, and educational opportunities for Baylor women -- current and retired women Faculty and Staff, and the wives of current and retired Faculty and Staff.

2021-2022 is an exciting year for BRT members and their guests! Our theme this year is “reflect” which you will see carried through in events, activities, and the work of a special committee.

Check out the links on the right of this page to learn more details and sign up for the events below. (All events are contingent on compliance with Covid-related protocols)

First Gentleman Brad Livingstone and Second Gentleman Mark Brickhouse, along with the Baylor Round Table, are hosting the Annual Membership Tea at Allbritton House. We are very grateful to these gentlemen for their willingness to share time with us and to the Livingstones for opening their home to us. This event reflects back to the many past years when the Annual Tea was hosted at Allbritton.

Coach Felicia Mulkey is the guest speaker at Baylor’s only free lunch welcoming all women who are new to the Baylor community over the past year. Coach Mulkey is a boundary breaking, transformational leader who has a career record of 10 national championships and boasts a record of 108-5 over 11 seasons as a head coach of acrobatics and tumbling. The women she leads are astonishing and we hope you can all attend their competitions.

The Baylor University Board of Regents’ independent Commission on Historic Campus Representations was and is a very important reflection on and recognition of Baylor’s complete history. We are honored and grateful to present a program in October where Walter Abercrombie, one of the Commission co-chairs, will speak about the Commission.

The annual Thanksgiving Dinner, where we serve and share time with our wonderful international students will return this year in November. Come out and enjoy table with these amazing students as we reflect on how blessed we are.

The annual Christmas luncheon permits us to share in the seasonal festivities, enjoy the music of our Baylor students in the magnificent Armstrong Library setting, catch up with old friends and make new friends. Hope to see you there in your holiday sweater!

In the spring, BRT will also hold an Anniversary celebration combined with the Style Show and Scholarship fundraiser.  This year, the BRT executive leadership voted to combine these events so that we can have an important event that provides real support for our scholarship recipients while we build relationships across campus.

We’re proud of Baylor Round Table’s 2021-22 scholarship recipients—Emma Elliott, a senior accounting and supply chain management major from Katy, and Karen Hoang, a junior finance and marketing major from Houston. The endowed scholarship was a dream of long-time Round Table member and Baylor First Lady Mary Russell McCall. Our dream is to add to the tradition by continually increasing the amount and number of the need-based scholarships. Consider making a donation online at this link.  

Continuing the theme, your BRT Executive Leadership Team is taking this year to reflect on the current state of the organization through the appointment of a special committee established under Article VII, section 15 of the BRT Bylaws. Drs. Sara Perry and Brooklynn Wynveen, both long-standing members of BRT who are also research-active faculty in their respective careers, have graciously agreed to lead this special committee. Their purpose will be to provide objective data on where we stand today as an organization, with questions we can consider as we move forward to define our future objectives. At the end of this research effort, the committee will provide BRT membership with a snapshot of trends over the years leading up to where we currently stand, highlight contextual changes in the environment and populations we serve, and insights from current and potential members. BRT plans to use this data to facilitate dialogue as we consider the future, aiming to be a healthy and thriving organization that is well-positioned to serve our constituents and fulfill our mission.

There will be several other programs and interest group opportunities throughout the year for BRT members. Sign up to get access to these events and check out the other links on the BRT webpage!

I look forward to seeing you at Round Table events this year, virtual or in-person! We hope that you’ll join this most wonderful group of women!

Lisa Turner
2021-2022 President, Baylor Round Table