Non-Resident Leaders

Two additional leadership groups exist for students who are on the Baylor and Beyond scholarship but no longer live in North Russell. These positions keep students connected to our community and provide an opportunity to mentor first-year students. Scholarship students without a Baylor and Beyond connection are required to earn 45 hours each semester to stay on scholarship, while these positions are only required to earn 30 hours for the same scholarship – an average of 2 hours each week.


Ambassadors do a little bit of everything for Baylor and Beyond. They will be called on to drive students to events outside of the hall, to assist in a weekly event called Fun Friday, to help with setup and cleanup of large scale events, and to periodically help organize supplies. This flexible position allows Ambassadors to see Baylor and Beyond from several different perspectives.

Service Leaders:

Service leaders have the unique opportunity to mentor first-year students while serving the Baylor and Waco communities alongside them. Service leaders must attend a weekly service event hosted by the Service Committee on the Leadership Council. This weekly service event may be something like a children’s after-school program or nursing home visits. Other periodic Saturday Service opportunities, such as Baylor Steppin’ Out, will arise throughout the semester to help these leaders get to 30 hours.

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