Cross Cultural Events

Prepare to broaden your horizons and expand your knowledge. Students will explore a variety of Baylor experiences through art, cuisine, traditions, and current events.

At Baylor

* Weekly academic, cultural, and fine arts events

* Get to know assigned faculty members over dinner and conversation during our Neighborhood programs

* Friendship with peers, faculty, and staff

* Monthly community-wide dinners

* Programs and events (i.e, theater, world cinema nights, potluck dinners, sporting events, and intramurals)

* Traditional freshmen events (Homecoming, Christmas on 5th Street, and Welcome Week)

* Leadership (hall council, neighborhoods, committees, and community leaders)

* Meet International and American students who have studied or lived abroad and learn about their experiences


…& Beyond

* Join our weekly Urban Missions team sponsored by the Service Committee

* Field Trips

* Participate in monthly community service projects such as Stepping Out and others

* Career Development sessions

* Engagement off campus and around the world

* Participate in a hall wide fundraising event to raise money for the community’s chosen philanthropy

* Opportunities to serve the broader Waco Community

* Programs that support global growth and cultural competency

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