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Exclusive class offering for Baylor & Beyond residents!

Freshmen Academic Seminar 1311: Modern Languages, Cultures, and Global Communities

Course Description: This course introduces first-year students to think about his/her role as a contributing global citizen in the Baylor & Beyond LLC, at Baylor, in the Waco community, and in the world. The course emphasizes techniques of good writing, analytical reading and thinking, academic research, respectful discourse, and problem solving. Students will participate in discussions on global topics and current events from their own perspectives with course themes such as:

  • Language and Cultural Identity
  • Poverty, Immigration, Colonization, and Globalization
  • Race, Class, and Gender
  • Power and Distribution of Resources
  1. Three (3) unit course with a maximum of 19 students per class.
  2. Counts as a New Student Experience (NSE) requirement (required for all freshmen)
  3. If a student has reached the 2310 level in any language, this class counts in the Foreign Languages and Cultures distribution list. See the College of Arts & Sciences website for more information.
  4. While Baylor & Beyond scholarship recipients are required to take this course, any student in Baylor & Beyond is welcome!


Every fall and spring, Baylor & Beyond residents are offered classes in our classroom. These range from Religion Courses to Pre-Law courses. Residents will receive an email every semester with the available offerings for the following semester. Please contact with any questions you may have concerning classes offered in Baylor & Beyond.

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