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What kind of students do you accept?
We accept men and women from all majors and disciplines. We accept incoming freshmen, current Baylor students, and international students! We do not accept graduate students.

Is North Russell open to men and women?
Yes, in 2015 North Russell became home to both men and women.

Are freshmen allowed in the LLC?
Yes, 90% of our students are freshmen. The other 10% are upperclassmen who have chosen to stay in the hall and mentor the freshmen.

What are the requirements for living in the LLC?
There are no specifics requirements; residents are encouraged to participate in the activities in the LLC as their interests and schedules allow.

Can I live in North Russell without joining the Baylor & Beyond LLC?
North Russell hall is designated specifically for the BB-LLC students only.

Do I have to live in North Russell in order to be a part of Baylor & Beyond? Can I live in another residence hall?
All students accepted into the BB-LLC are required to live in North Russell.

How much does joining the Baylor & Beyond Living Learning Center cost?
Programming fees are $100 for each semester. This will be part of your Baylor bill at the beginning of the semester. There are no additional fees. All Living-Learning Program students receive the benefit of moving into their halls a day earlier than other freshmen.

Are there required classes to be part of the LLC?
Only Baylor & Beyond-specific scholarship students are required to take the LLC course; this LLC course on globalization, language and culture, as well as additional courses offered in the classroom of the hall are opened first to LLC students.

Sign welcoming people to Baylor and Beyond Students gathered around a board game at a table


Students gathered around a board game at a table

What is a neighborhood?
Neighborhoods are interest-centered small groups within Baylor & Beyond. Students choose a neighborhood in order to connect with faculty and students in that area of interest.  Student neighborhood leaders partner with faculty liaisons to plan specialist monthly events, as well as keep members informed about other opportunities on campus. Neighborhoods are a great way to build community in your home with people who share your interests and career goals. Click here to see our neighborhoods for fall.   

Do I have to be a specific major to join a certain neighborhood?
Your neighborhood may match your major but it is not required.  A pre-law student could choose the pre-law neighborhood or any other neighborhood (German, Global Politics, etc.) according to his or her interest. 

What language experience is required for the language neighborhoods?
We accept students at all levels of language experience; however, the goal in those neighborhoods will be to gain better language skills. It is helpful if you have some speaking knowledge of the language or plan to take classes in that language at Baylor.

I am a native speaker of a language and would like to help teach others about my language and culture. Can I serve as a language Neighborhood Leader?
Yes! We invite all students to apply for a leadership role in the community once they have been accepted into Baylor & Beyond.

I hope to study abroad in the future, what resources are available to me?
Baylor & Beyond will encourage early planning and meeting with the Study Abroad professionals at Baylor as part of our regular programming. Academic planning, choosing the right program for you, and scholarships are all part of making study abroad happen. 


When is the application deadline?
Please refer to our Application Site. Essentially, the sooner you apply, the better! Rooms are limited. We will have a waiting list once spaces have been filled.

I have already been accepted to the LLC but have switched my major. Is that a problem?
No problem! The LLC is open to students of all majors. However, if you wish to change your neighborhood, please contact the Program Director.

I am having trouble with my application. Whom do I contact for help?
Contact the Program Director for assistance through the. “Contact us” page.

I have been accepted to the Baylor & Beyond LLC but I decided to choose a different housing option. What do I do?
Contact the Program Director as soon as possible so that students on the waitlist can be notified.

I am currently a Baylor student in another living-learning program. How do I join Baylor & Beyond? 
Notify the program director of your current LLC to review any housing/program agreements. If all your requirements have been met, you can contact the Baylor & Beyond Program Director

If I study abroad one of the two semesters I am in Baylor & Beyond, can I still apply?
Yes, however first-year students cannot study abroad until their first summer. For upperclassmen, these cases are reviewed individually, so notify us as you know your plans.


What kind of rooms are available?
We have single, double, and triple rooms. The few single rooms are generally reserved by upperclassmen.

What are the housing prices? How are the rooms arranged?
Information about North Russell is found here: North Russell Hall Information.

Can I preference my room type?
We try to place students in the order of returning BB-LLC student, current Baylor students, and incoming freshmen. There are a limited number of single and triple rooms available, first come first serve (beginning with upperclassmen returners). Freshmen may choose their rooms if they apply to Baylor & Beyond before the May 1 deadline. If you apply after this date you will not be able to choose your room type.

May I request roommates?
If you and your roommate have applied before the May 1 deadline and both been accepted to the LLC then you will have the opportunity to choose your room and your roommate through the Housing Portal. If you have applied after the May 1 deadline, then this choice is not available. Please see the housing website for more details.

Are there scholarships available? 
First time freshmen may apply for a limited number of housing scholarships, please check our Scholarship page for more details.

Do I need to live in the LLC to accept the scholarship?
Yes. To receive a Baylor & Beyond LLC scholarship during your freshmen year, you will need to be a resident of the Baylor & Beyond LLC. Additional options for maintaining your scholarship eligibility are available after your first year at Baylor University.

Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Please email us at Baylor_BeyondLLC@baylor.edu so we can help! 

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