Housing for Students In Recovery


The Beauchamp Addiction Recovery Center is pleased to announce that there is available housing for those in recovery from substance use disorders, those in recovery from behavioral addictions, and/or those with family in recovery seeking to live in a supportive community with like-minded students. We invite students to apply via contact with lilly_ettinger@baylor.edu for more information. Those eligible for this on-campus housing opportunity include freshman, transfers, and returning students. Our recovery housing is not outwardly identified and the privacy of students involved is respected.

The BARC is part of a broad effort at the university to advance the well-being of its students. The multifaceted program will dramatically enhance Baylor’s efforts to foster the holistic well-being of its students in a manner that reflects the university’s values as a Christian community where wholeness, spiritual growth, and academic success are priorities.

Beauchamp Addiction Recovery Center

Location: East Village Residential Community

Phone: (254) 710-7092