The Beauchamp Addiction Recovery Center (BARC) was created to come alongside Baylor students as they courageously take the path of recovery. Whether you are a current Baylor student or parent or considering coming to Baylor, we want you to know how our students are being affected. Below are stories from students who want to share their journey with you. 

Male, ’18 Alumni, Business

The BARC has become like a home to me.

When I first realized I had a problem and made a clear commitment to change… I failed. Almost immediately. And I continued to fail again and again over the next six months. I made excuses and justified my actions. I hurt those around me repeatedly and pushed away those who only desired to love and help me. My class attendance and subsequently my grades began to slip. My relationships failed and my spiritual health declined. I was testing the limits of God’s grace.

When I realized what I had done, that I had hit rock bottom (hopefully), and that I needed to find help in order to get through this difficult point in my life I went to the Baylor counseling center. They immediately pointed me to the BARC. My recovery started at that very moment, and it is thanks to the BARC and the wonderful people in it that I have yet to regret that decision.

As I approach a month of sobriety I reflect on my life with a smile. I look at the past month and recall wonderful moments shared with new friends and mentors. I spent hours and hours in this building, meeting new people whom share my struggle, learning from the experiences they were kind enough to discuss with me. I have been simultaneously filled with the kindness of others and the desire to spread kindness. This room is more than a meeting space or a study space or a classroom. This place is where we pour out our souls and share burdens with our peers. This place is inspiration for the dull, strength for the weak, and a connection for the lonely.


Female Student, Professional Writing & Rhetoric Major

My life before being introduced to the BARC felt like it was crisis after crisis. Since I’ve been in recovery and in the supportive environment the BARC offers, my life has been able to even out. My daily thoughts no longer include constantly worrying about mistake I made under the influence or which of my friends might overdose. Now I get to worry about more mundane things like laundry and homework. I can end my days knowing I’m safe and my friends are sober and supportive.

The BARC offers me a community of supportive friends and all the support groups I need right on campus. I can walk into the BARC any time of the day and know someone will be there. It’s super relaxed even during the busy times of the school year. I love that I have a place where I can get all the resources I need as a college student in recovery.


Male Student, BU ’19 from Leadership Summit 2017

It was wonderful to see the amount of college students in recovery. As a young person, especially one attending college, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to stay on the right path when the vast majority of one’s peers aren’t affected by addiction. Seeing many different students from across the country walking the same path as me quickly proved that I am not alone. As Baylor grows their student recovery center, I plan to make sure my student family knows they are not alone, either. I am truly grateful for having had the opportunity to attend a trip centered on college students in recovery.


Female Student, Recreation Major

For me, the BARC has been a place where I can go and feel safe, no matter what is going on in my life. It is a place where I can go to the staff at Baylor University and they care and understand what is going on in my life, both academic and not. I can go there and seek comfort at my lowest times and also give comfort to others in their times of need. I have met some amazing people there and have heard their stories on how different things have impacted their life. The BARC is all about community and relationships with others, and I feel that it impacts the Baylor community as well. Students and staff do not have to hide their past, they can come to this place to celebrate how far they have come in life and have others celebrate with them.

Beauchamp Addiction Recovery Center

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