The Beauchamp Addiction Recovery Center is designed to support students in recovery from substance and behavioral addictions through all-encompassing levels of support. We believe in supporting students academically and in all areas of wellness: socially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Through well rounded programs and support and by encouraging academic excellence, we aim to reach our goal of increasing positive recovery outcomes for every one of our students.

Addiction disorders that we provide support for include alcohol and substance use disorders as well as process addictions including gambling, gaming, self-harm, sex or pornography, eating disorders and more. Some of our students identify primarily as in mental health recovery that requires abstinence from substances and are still a valued part of our community. We also serve students secondarily affected by alcohol and substance use disorder in their families or friends.

Beauchamp Addiction Recovery Center

Location: East Village Residential Community

Phone: (254) 710-7092