Faculty Profiles


Dr. Doug Weaver, Ph.D.
doug_weaver @ baylor.edu
Director of the Baptist Studies Center for Research
Baptist History; Pentecostal History


Dr. Rosalie Beck, Ph.D.
rosalie_beck @ baylor.edu
Baptist History; Women in Christian history; Women in Religion


Dr. Joe Coker, Ph.D.
joe_coker @ baylor.edu
Baptist History; Religion in the American South; the Church and Prohibition


Dr. William Pitts, Ph.D.
william_pitts @ baylor.edu
Baptist History; New Religious Movements (NRM); William Rauschenbusch

Dr. David Whitford, Ph.D.
david_whitford @ baylor.edu
Sixteenth-Century and Reformation History 

Dr. Courtney Pace (Memphis Seminary)
cpace @ memphisseminary.edu
Baptist History; Civil Rights History; Race, Gender, and Social Justice in American Religion


Dr. Christopher Richmann (Baylor University - BIC/ATL)
christopher_richmann @ baylor.edu
Baptist History; Pentecostal History


Dr. Chris Moore (Catawba Valley Community College)
chris_moore2 @ alumni.baylor.edu
Baptist History; 19th Century US History; Religion in the American South; Civil War History


Dr. Tim Orr (Simpson University)
tim_orr @ baylor.edu
Baptist History; History of Reformation and Early Modern Europe


Dr. Andrew Kim (Baylor University/Northern Seminary)
andrew_kim @ baylor.edu
Baptist History; 20th Century Neo-evangelicalism and Science