Student Profiles

ABD Doctoral Students


Bryan Maine (Baylor University/McLennan Community College)
bryan_maine @
Baptist History; Reformation History; the Place of Children in Religious History


Susan Moudry (Baylor University/Western PA Conference - The United Methodist Church)
susan_moudry @
Baptist History; Methodist History; American Civil Religion

João Chaves (Baylor University/Baptist University of the Americas)
joao_chaves @
Baptist history; Religion and the New Immigration; World Christianity


Dr. Yvette Garcia (Baylor University/West Coast Bible College and Seminary)
y_garcia @
Baptist History; Pentecostal History; Brownsville Revival; American Religion


Doctoral Students



Scott Prather (Baylor University)
scott_prather @
Baptist History; 


Joshua Smith (Baylor University)
joshua_smith4 @
Baptist History; 


Malcolm Foley (Baylor University)
malcolm_foley @
Baptist History; 17th Century English Puritan Theology; American Christian Responses to Lynching


Jacob Drake (Baylor University)
j_drake @
Baptist History; Scandinavian Pentecostalism; Iconoclasm (ancient & modern); Early Church History



Steve Tyra (Baylor University)
steve_tyra @
Baptist History; 



Alex Fogleman (Baylor University)
alex_fogleman @
Baptist History;