Alumni Profiles


João Chaves (Baylor University/Baptist University of the Americas)
Baptist history; Religion and the New Immigration; World Christianity
Dissertation: Disrespecting Borders for Jesus, Power, and Cash: Southern Baptist Missions, The New Immigration, and The Churches of the Brazilian Diaspora

John Essick (Baptist Seminary of Kentucky)
Dissertation: Apologist, Polemicist, and Theologian: The Unitive and Organizational Influence of Thomas Grantham among the Seventeenth-Century General Baptists


Dr. Yvette Garcia (Baylor University/West Coast Bible College and Seminary)
y_garcia @
Baptist History; Pentecostal History; Brownsville Revival; American Religion

Dr. Andrew Kim (Baylor University/Northern Seminary)
Baptist History; 20th Century Neo-evangelicalism and Science
Dissertation: A Critical Biography of Bernard Ramm: An Exemplar of the Development of a Neo-Evangelical-Baptist Identity in the American Baptist Convention


Bryan Maine (Baylor University/McLennan Community College)
Baptist History; Reformation History; the Place of Children in Religious History
Dissertation: Parental Concern and the Baptism of Children: Representations of Children from the Late Medieval Era to 1640

Dr. Chris Moore (Catawba Valley Community College)
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Baptist History; 19th Century US History; Religion in the American South; Civil War History
Dissertation: Apostle of the Confederacy: J. William Jones and the Question of Ecumenism and Denominational Identity in the Development of Lost Cause Mythology

Dr. Courtney Pace (Memphis Seminary)
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Baptist History; Civil Rights History; Race, Gender, and Social Justice in American Religion
Dissertation: "Freedom Faith": The Civil Rights Journey of Rev. Dr. Prathia Hall