Current/Future Plans for the BSCR

  • Preserving Baptist heritage by becoming a depository for important Baptist papers and providing means for visiting scholars to come to Baylor and work with these archives. These scholars can also provide an influential visiting lecture series.
  • Providing access to Baptist materials for those researching the tradition. Baylor and other institutions have valuable research materials that narrate the Baptist story. One of the problems is that these materials are not very accessible. The Center will work with libraries at Baylor and in other locations to shape a Virtual Collection of Baptist Materials to help researchers gain access to important resources.
  • Offering an emphasis on Baptist Studies in the Ph.D. program in Religion. This emphasis will prepare faculty members to teach in a number of institutions of higher education and so multiply the work of the Center.
  • Supporting faculty research projects such as the Baptist Bible project and the series Early English Baptist Texts. Baylor University Press will be a publishing partner with potential connections to other Baptist entities as a means of publishing materials to make a difference to the global community of Baptists.
  • Sponsoring an essay contest on Baptist identity to foster the importance of Baptist principles among students.
  • Providing scholarships for students to travel and research at sites that tell the Baptist story such as sites of Baptist origin in Britain or Colonial Baptist sites in the Northeast of the United States or Birmingham and Memphis in relation to African-American Baptist history or Central and South America concerning Baptist missions.
  • Supporting Baptist scholarship, including work by the Baptist History and Heritage Society, National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion, and Association of Ministry Guidance Professionals. The Department of Religion currently partners with the journals Baptist History and Heritage and Perspectives in Religious Studies.