Baptist History and Heritage Websites

Alabama Baptist Historical Commission
Provides resources to help churches take minutes, preserve records, and write their histories.

American Baptist Historical Society
Provides links to various Baptist research sites and online access to selected church histories. The society holds archives for the American Baptist Churches USA.

American Theological Library Association
Contains portraits of over one hundred notable Baptist figures.

Baptists and the American Civil War
Provides a day-by-day journal of Baptist life and opinion (North and South) during the Civil War, drawing extensively from Baptist quotations. Includes a recommended bibliography and links to other Civil War websites.
Provides online access to the Starr bibliography. Contains a brief overview of Baptist history, organization, tradition, and beliefs. Also includes a variety of pamphlets on prominent Baptist figures. Includes locations of Baptist archived material, museums, historical sites, and educational institutions, as well as a list (updated in 2003) of Baptist historians.

Baptist Historical Society
Seeks to document and preserve the history of British Baptists.

Baptist Historical Society of England
Provides links to various Baptist research sites, as well as online access to articles and reviews. Also contains links to assist with Baptist family histories.

Baptist History and Heritage
Contains online access to pamphlets, videos, and sermons on Baptist heritage and belief. Online access to the Baptist Studies Bulletin. Also contains a Primitive Baptist Library and links to various Baptist websites. Books are available for purchase.

Baptist History Homepage
Contains online access to hundreds of old Baptist books available through Google Books, including those dealing with theology, history, sermons, or biography. Listed in alphabetical order by author. Also includes online access to historic Baptist magazines and commentaries. Primary sources available online.

Baptist History Preservation Society
Ministry of Harvest Baptist Church in Rockwell, North Carolina, which seeks to perverse and restore rare books and writings of Baptists. Also seeks to erect markers commemorating important graves, churches, and other historical significant sites in Baptist history.

The Baptist Standard Bearer
Writings of Baptists, with special attention to John Gill (1697-1771), available for purchase.

Baptist Studies Online
Associated with California Baptist University, the collection emphasizes Baptists in North America. Includes an online journal, links to Baptist history sites and primary source materials.

Baptist Union of Great Britain
Contains overviews of Baptist history and distinctives, as well as links to various Baptist websites, including Baptist news sources. Also contains videos and an online store.

Baptist Origins and Beliefs
Webpage detailing the variety of pamphlets offered by the Baptist History and Heritage Society.

Biblical Recorder (online) 1834-1970
Searchable archive of Wake Forest University offering digitized copies of the Biblical Recorder from 1834-1970. Archives available online.

California Baptist University
Provides online access to selected primary sources on Baptist history. Primary sources available online.

The Center for Baptist Studies (Mercer University)
Access to a variety of articles on Baptist history and distinctives, as well as the Baptist studies Bulletin and web resources for local churches. Also provides links to select Baptist denominations in America, Baptist agencies and international organizations, publishing houses, newspapers, historical journals, archive locations, seminaries and houses of study, and other history websites.

Fellowship of Baptist Historians
Established in 2000 in Savannah, Georgia, to provide Baptist historians opportunities for fellowship and discussion.

Florida Baptist Historical Society
Founded in 1894, the Florida Baptist Historical Society seeks to promote and preserve the history of Florida Baptists.

George W. Truett sermons, 1941-1943
Collection includes sixty-six previously unreleased sermons of George W. Truett while at First Baptist Church, Dallas. Archives available online.

Judson 200
Launched in 2011 by the American Baptist Historical Society, Judson 200 is a project to commemorate the role of Ann and Adoniram Judson, the Burmese Baptists, and other missionaries' roles in launching of a modern, cross-cultural mission movement. The project will digitize images and translations/transcriptions relevant to the history of the Baptists of Myanmar and the mission work of Ann and Adoniram Judson.

National Association of Free Will Baptists
Provides the history and beliefs of General or Free Will Baptists. Also provides web-links to the associations and agencies of the FWB denomination.

The Reformed Reader
Online access to an extensive collection of primary source material related to reformed theology. Contains bios, sermons, commentaries, devotionals, journals, a timeline, and various links to other primary sources. Primary sources available online.

Selsus E. Tull Sermons
Handwritten sermon notes and searchable transcripts of Selsus E. Tull.

Seventh Day Baptist Historical Society
Society maintains a repository for documents, records, writings, and other materials relevant to the history of Seventh Day Baptists.

Strict Baptist Historical Society
Based in the United Kingdom, the Strict Baptist Historical Society offers resources for the preservation and research of Strict Baptists. Website offers a picture gallery, list of selected biographies, and list of past annual lectures.

Tennessee Baptist Historical Society
Society encourages the historical research and preservation of Tennessee Baptists. Society publishes a journal, Tennessee Baptists History, once a year with online archive available (1999-2009).

Tennessee Baptist/Baptist and Reflector
Online access to the Tennessee Baptist/Baptist and Reflector newspaper. Archives include years 1835-2008. Archives available online.

Texas Baptist Historical Collection
Founded in 1993, The Baptist Texas Collection of the Baptist General Convention of Texas houses materials relating to the history of Texas Baptists.

Virginia Baptist Heritage & Historical Society
Founded in 1876, Virginia Baptist Heritage & Historical Society maintains a library of primary and secondary research material pertaining to Baptists in Virginia. Collection includes more than 20,000 books by and about Baptists, biographical materials, and 3,400 original church record books. Society operates the Center for Baptist Heritage and Studies, established in 2000, to provide educational opportunities related to Baptist studies and heritage. The Center offers the Heritage Fellows program for college sophomores and juniors.

Wisconsin Historical Society
Founded in 1846, the Society is both a state agency and private member organization which helps preserve the history of the Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Freewill Baptist Historical Society
An affiliate member of the Wisconsin Historical Society, WFBHS preserves and promotes the history of Freewill Baptists in Wisconsin.