Baptist Historical Archives or Collections

Alabama Baptist Historical Collection
Housed at Samford University, highlights of this collection includes church and associational records, oral histories, the Alabama Baptist Newspaper 1843-present, and papers from several Alabama Baptist missionaries to China.

American Baptist Historical Society Collection, Atlanta, Georgia
Housed at Mercer University, this collection includes the archives of the American Baptist Churches of America (formerly Northern Baptist Convention) and documents related to the modern missionary movement, African-American churches, women's ministry, and the social gospel.

Arkansas Baptist Historical Collection
Housed at Ouachita Baptist University, this collection holds the records of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention, Arkansas church records, and other Baptist publications.

Baptist General Conference History Center
Located at Bethel University, the Center houses documents relating to the history of Swedish Baptists, the Baptist General Conference, and Bethel University.

Baptist Convention of Maryland-Delaware
Located within the Library of Congress, their collection includes documents relating to Southern Baptists, Maryland Baptists, Delaware Baptists, and Baptist missionary history.

Baptist General Convention of Texas
Founded in 1933, the Baptist Texas Collection of the Baptist General Convention of Texas houses materials relating to the history of Texas Baptists.

Baptist Historical Collection at Acadia University
This collection houses documents relating to Annapolis Valley of Novia Scotia and serves as the archive for Arcadia University and the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches.

Carson Newman College
The Baptist Archives at Carson-Newman College contain documents relating to the history of Tennessee Baptists, which includes church and associational records, collections from various missionaries, and minsters' and laymen's papers, diaries, letters, and sermons.

Documenting the American South
A collection maintained by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Primary sources include materials related to African American Baptist history. This collection extends far beyond Baptist history.

Florida Baptist Historical Society
The collection houses books, booklets, sermons, letters, and associational minutes relating to Florida Baptists. A sampling of the collection is available online.

Free Will Baptist Historical Collection (Mouth Olive College, North Carolina)
Collection houses over 12,000 items pertaining to denominational history and College archives. Online resources include a Map of Free Will Baptist Churches, Western Conference Minutes 1916-1939, and a church history searchable database.

George W. Truett Collected Sermons
This collection is maintained by Baylor University. The sermons issued by Word Records in the 1960s are not yet transcribed but are available as audio recordings. Sermons from the Texas Collection, which were recorded from the pulpit in the early 1940s, are transcribed and the audio is available, as well.

Georgia Baptist Convention Historical Archive and Museum
Collection preserves items related to the history of Baptists in Georgia. Includes documents related to Baptist churches, associations, and agencies of the Georgia Baptist Convention. Highlights of the collection are Civil War letters, Financial Reports, and Issues of the Christian Index.

Georgia Baptist Historical Society
Housed at Mercer Library, this collection includes items related to the history of Mercer University and Baptists in Georgia.

Keston Center for Religion, Politics, and Society
Housed at Baylor University, the collection is broad, but includes materials related to Baptists and politics. Specifically, Baptists in Russia, Baptists in the Soviet Era, and Baptists and socialism are highlighted in the collection.
To search the collection enter a keyword on Baylor's main library page, then after the results appear a researcher can limit the results by location. On the right side of the screen choose "Keston Center" from the drop down "Select Location" menu and search again.

Louisiana Baptist Archives
Collection includes annuals, associational minutes, historical books, and other items related to the history of Baptists in Louisiana.

Mississippi College
Collection includes original church minutes and documents relating to Mississippi Baptist churches and associations. Highlights include The Baptist Record, oral histories, photographs, and biographical information on Mississippi Baptist preachers.

Missouri Baptist Historical Commission
Provides resources to help Missouri Baptist Churches preserve their history.

North American Baptist Heritage Center
Contains items related to the history of German Baptists in America. Highlights include items related to Cameroon Mission History, Baptist Missionary Society of Germany, and Baptist Missionary Society of Britain.

North Carolina Baptist Historical Collection
Housed at Wake Forest University, this collection includes items related to Southern, Missionary, Primitive, African-American, Union, and Alliance of Baptist churches in North Carolina. Highlights include a complete print set of the Biblical Recorder since its start in 1833, more than 1,000 bibliographical folders on North Carolina Baptist pastors, and the archives of the Women's Missionary Union of North Carolina.

Solomon Databases
Archives and records from the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. Includes Lottie Moon correspondence, African American heritage archives, periodicals of the Foreign Mission Board from 1845-1970, as well as minutes from the Foreign Mission Board meetings from 1845-1979.

South Carolina Baptist Historical Collection
Housed at Furman University, collection includes items related to Baptist churches and associations in South Carolina. Highlights include newsletters, hymns, sermons, and online introduction to some of the sources available.

Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives
Contains online access to SBC annuals and Baptist Press Releases (1948-1996). Also contains links to various Baptist websites.

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Collection includes items related to the history of the seminary, a rare book collection of texts dated before 1820, the Haldeman Bible Collection, the Baptist Minutes Collection, and the Billy Graham Collection.

Virginia Baptist Historical Society and the Center for Baptist Heritage
Houses archives of primary and secondary sources, with an emphasis on Baptist history in Virginia. Contains bookstore, Baptist web links, and an academic journal available for purchase.