Scholarly Network in Baptist Studies


The Baptist Studies Center for Research has contact with multiple faculty members, post-doctoral students, and current doctoral students with expertise and research interests in a variety of fields related to religion and Baptist studies. These researchers are divided below by categories of current work status, and information about each researcher can be found through the page links below. If you are a Baptist Studies scholar and wish to be added to the network list below, please contact Dr. Doug Weaver, Director of the Baptist Studies Center for Research or Malcolm Foley, Assistant for the BSCR.


Faculty members (click here)

Dr. Doug Weaver - Director (Baylor University) - Baptist history; Pentecostal history

Dr. Rosalie Beck (Baylor University) - Baptist history; Women in Christianity; Women in religion

Dr. Joe Coker (Baylor University) - Baptist history; Religion in the American South; the Church and Prohibition

Dr. William Pitts (Baylor University) - Baptist history; New Religious Movements (NRM); William Rauschenbusch

Dr. David Whitford (Baylor University) - Sixteenth-century and Reformation history 

Dr. Courtney Pace (Memphis Seminary) - Baptist history; Civil Rights history; race, gender, and social justice in American religion

Dr. Christopher Richmann (Baylor University) - Baptist history; Pentecostal history

Dr. Chris Moore (Catawba Valley Community College) - Baptist history; 19th Century US history; Religion in the American South; Civil War history

Dr. Tim Orr (Simpson University) - Baptist history; history of Reformation and Early Modern Europe

Dr. Andrew Kim (Baylor University/Northern Seminary) - Baptist history; 20th century neo-evangelicalism and science


ABD Doctoral Students (click here)

Bryan Maine (McLennan Community College) - Baptist History; Reformation History; the Place of Children in Religious History

Susan Moudry (Western PA Conference-The United Methodist Church) - Baptist History; Methodist History; American Civil Religion

João Chaves (Baptist University of the Americas) - Baptist history; Religion and the New Immigration; World Christianity

Yvette Garcia ( University) - Baptist History; Pentecostal History; Brownsville Revival


Current doctoral students (click here)

Scott Prather - 

Joshua Smith - 

Malcolm Foley - Baptist History; 17th Century English Puritan Theology; American Christian Responses to Lynching

Jacob Drake - Baptist History; Scandinavian Pentecostalism; Iconoclasm (ancient & modern); Early Church History

Steve Tyra - 

Alex Fogleman -