Dress Code

Baylor University Flight Center requires all students to wear close toed shoes, khaki color pants with a belt, knee-length or close to knee-length khaki color shorts (when daytime temperatures are above 85°F), and a Baylor Aviation Sciences polo shirt (provided in the Aviation Sciences Office) that is tucked in when scheduled for any flight center curriculum or training event. Appearance and hygiene are flight course graded items.

Students should have enough clean and odor-free options for a minimum of four events per week.

Some boots, all sandals and flip-flops, baggy shorts and low slung, long, or baggy pants are unsafe and therefore, unacceptable for flight training.

New students will be provided ONE free Aviation Sciences polo shirt. Additional shirts can be purchased in the Aviation Sciences Office for $25 each (cash or check only).

While not required to purchase the exact pant styles as pictured on the exemplar mannequins, you may choose to by following either of the links below to navigate to Amazon's website.

Women's Original Work Pants

Men's Original Work Pants        

The Baylor Bookstore does not carry the proper Aviation Sciences pants and shorts in the store, but a special order can be placed with them by submitting this order FORM. You can refer to this catalog reference PAGE and size CHART to help you choose. All special orders must be submitted by July 1, 2022 to ensure delivery to the Bookstore in time for the start of the semester.