Ground School Courses


AVS 1302 - Private Pilot Ground School: Basic ground school for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Private Pilot Certificate, providing students with the necessary aeronautical knowledge that can be used for private pilot certification. Topics include principles of flight, radio procedures, weather, navigation, aerodynamics, and FAA regulations.

AVS 1303 - Instrument Ground School: A study of basic instrument radio and navigation fundamentals used in instrument flight. Topics include a description and practical use of navigation systems and instruments, charts used for instrument flight, and FAA regulations. Qualifies as a part of a program leading to a FAA Instrument Rating.

AVS 2304 - Commercial Ground School: A study of advanced aviation topics that can be used for the FAA Commercial Single Engine Certificate. Includes preparation for the Commercial Airplane written test. Subjects include aircraft performance, aircraft weight, and balance, multiengine aerodynamics, FAA regulations relating to commercial pilot maneuvers.

AVS 3305 - Instructor Ground School: Skill development in the fundamentals of teaching and learning in an aviation-oriented environment. Introduction to the techniques of instruction and analysis of flight maneuvers. Topics include flight instructor responsibilities and Federal Aviation Regulations relating to the instructor rating.