Loring Cowell

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Loring Cowell has been involved in collegiate education training for twenty years as a Flight Instructor, Assistant Chief Flight Instructor, and Chief Flight Instructor. He has held teaching positions at Texas State Technical College, University of New Haven, and Saint Louis University, Parks College. He holds undergraduate degrees from Texas A&M University in Psychology and Business Administration, as well as aviation training from Texas State Technical College. He has accumulated over 4,000 hours of flight time, with over 3,500 hours as a flight instructor. He has taught various aviation courses, including a teaching assignment at the University of Tel Aviv for Israeli Air Force pilots, and was recipient of the Saint Louis University Faculty Excellence Award in 2002. Mr. Cowell has been a four-time invited speaker to the FAA sponsored Greater Saint Louis Flight Instructor Association Flight Instructor Refresher Clinic. He currently resides in Waco, Texas.