TSTC Aviation Courses

The course descriptions provide detailed information about pilot training classes that are offered at TSTC.

AIRP 1215 - Private Pilot Flight: Flight training to prepare the student for the completion of the FAA private pilot certification process, including dual and solo flight in the areas of maneuvers and cross-country navigation.

AIRP 1175 - Intermediate Flight: Provides students with flight hours and skills necessary to fulfill solo cross-country hours required for the FAA Instrument and Commercial Pilot, Single Engine Land ratings.

AIRP 1372 - Dispatch Resource Management: Study of Human Factors in aviation and of the challenges of optimizing communication between diverse workgroups within an airline and the related interpersonal issues; while using available resources viewed from the Aircraft Dispatcher vantage point. Course will also look at operational control, decision-making, communication, and workload management related issues associated with the Aircraft Dispatcher profession. Lastly, Aircraft Dispatcher related aviation incidents and accidents will be explored.

AIRP 2250 - Instrument Flight: Preparation for completion of the FAA Instrument Pilot Rating with mastery of all instrument procedures.

AIRP 2239 - Commercial Flight: Flight instruction necessary to qualify for the FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate. Instruction includes both dual and solo flight training to prepare the student for mastery of all commercial pilot maneuvers.

AIRP 2242 - Multiengine Flight: Preparation for the multiengine class rating which will be added to a current pilot certificate. Includes explanation and demonstration of all required FAA normal and emergency operations and procedures.

AIRP 2236 - Certified Flight Instructor- Airplane: Flight instruction necessary to qualify for the FAA Certified Flight Instructor Airplane Certificate. Topics include ground and flight instruction.

AIRP 2452 - Practical Dispatching I: Study od advanced concepts in weight and balance, performance calculations, avionics, and engine and airplane specfications including Federal Aviation reulations. Preparation for the Federal Aviation Administration Aircraft Dispatcher written examination.

AIRP 2453 - Practical Dispatching II: A study of the duties and responsibilites required of an aircraft dispatcher. Topics include instruction in Federal Aviation Administration regulations, flight planning, and company operations for both domestic and international operations. Preparation for the Federal Aviation Administration Practical Examination.