Designed to assist students in maximizing both educational potential and personal development, internship opportunities prove critical to the student’s successful transition from academia to industry.  The primary objective in completing any internship is for the student to systematically evaluate themselves and the organization for which they are employed.  Ultimately, at the conclusion of the internship, the student should be able to answer the pressing question… "If offered a career employment opportunity with this organization upon graduation, would I accept? Why or why not?" 

Credit for Successfully Completing an Internship

The Baylor Aviation Internship in Industry course (AVS 4390), provides the framework that enables students to cognitively determine the right career path to follow upon graduation while systemically contributing recently acquired knowledge and skill back into the aviation industry.

Students are asked, via a set of assignments, to provide an introspective analysis of their personal growth objectives, their strengths and weaknesses in an organizational context, and their desire for future career direction. Additionally, both company and industry analysis assignments require recall of newly acquired knowledge gained from courses already completed as well as additional career related research and investigation.

Internships can be completed as early as the summer between freshman and sophomore years, however, most internship providers would rather host a candidate imbedded in their junior or senior year. Standard summer internships last anywhere from 6-15 weeks.  Fall and spring internships can range from 12 to 15 weeks.

For more information on the Baylor Aviation Internship in Industry course, please view the AVS 4390 course syllabus.

Program Internships

A certain set of aviation industry program partners recognize and greatly appreciate the intrinsic value that a soon-to-be Baylor University graduate possess.  These officially recognized program partner internship providers host award worthy internships. These internships are specifically designed to mentor, educate, and cultivate the Baylor graduates of today, as they are soon to become the industry leaders of tomorrow.

Baylor University Aviation Science values and greatly appreciates the program partner internships. If your company is interested in partnering with Baylor Aviation Sciences, please notify TIM COMPTON, Assistant Director of Aviation Science. Only paid internships will be considered for Program Internships.

Other Internship Opportunities

Additional internships (local and distant, paid and non-paid) are occasionally available.  These internships are not formally structured internship programs but are intended to add aviation related depth and substance to the students overall education experience.