Pilot Supplies

Pilot Supplies Required Before Flight Training (TSTC only)

• Diamond Da-20 Pilot’s Operating Handbook

• Airport Facility Directory (little green book)

• FAR/AIM (book)

• Logbook (can be purchased from us for $15)

• Plotter (transparent ruler)

• E6B, metallic flight computer

• Fuel testing cup

• San Antonio sectional chart (not the L17 or L19) the colorful VFR chart

• Aviation Headset

• Flight Bag

• VFR kneeboard

Supplies for Instrument training

• View limiting device (hood)

• Cessna 172 POH

• IFR terminal procedure charts (approach plates) “stage 2”

• IFR low enroute charts “not needed until stage 3”

*All supplies may be found at the TSTC book store; however you are not obligated to purchase them there.