Admissions and Cost

How to Apply

A free online application can easily be submitted using GoBAYLOR. Through GoBAYLOR, applicants can create a profile and track the status of their application.

Applicants wishing to be admitted ito the Aviation Science major will be directed to a separate applicaton process for consideration. Pilot students using Veteran's Administration educational benefits for all or part of their flight training costs should contact Aviation Science Office for more information before submitting an application.

Tuition and Fees
Current information on Baylor's tuition and fees can be found here, but there are additional costs associated with flight training. A planner outlining all four years of required courses for the degree options available within the program can be accessed below.
Flight Training Costs

Flight training costs are in addition to Baylor's typical tuition and fees, however they are factored into the student's cost of attendance which is used to calculate financial aid at Baylor. To be eligible to use financial aid for flight training costs, it is imperative that all flight training be completed at UFC. Choosing an alternative flight school is possible, but only if the chosen provider is paid directly with personal funds, alternative loans, or other financing options that may be available. Estimated flight training costs can be found in the callbox on this page.

Scholarships & Financial Aid
Please see the Aviation Sciences Scholarships & Financial Aid page and Baylor's Student Financial Services page for information on available opportunities to help you pay for your education.