Although most Aviation Science students are focused on becoming career pilots, the aerospace industry contains multiple facets of aviation. From airport management to space exploration, the Aviation Sciences degree prepares you for a successful career in aviation - whether you choose to be in the cockpit or remain on the ground. The aviation careers below are all attainable and represent only a fraction of the available opportunities for a newly graduated aviation professional.

Preparing For An Aviation Career

  • Log as much flight time as possible - being proficient in flying an aircraft will be the most attractive aspect of your portfolio and logged flight time is one of the biggest qualifications for employment.
  • Acquire aviation internships - this will help you forge vital industry relationships and open networking opportunities.
  • Volunteer in many different areas in aviation - this will help you to find an aviation career that best suits you.
  • Build your confidence, acquire a strong work ethic, display enthusiasm, adaptability, and sensibility. These are all key traits for being a good pilot AND employee.
  • Consider taking low-level jobs at airports, FBO's, manufacturing companies, etc. to gain experience in the aviation field.

Possible Careers for Aviation Science Majors:



Airline Pilot

Regional and major airlines

Corporate Pilot

Individual aircraft owners, businesses, and corporations

Military Pilot

United States military

Missionary Pilot

Churches, missionaries

Law Enforcement

Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies

Test Pilot

NASA, airlines, military, general aviation

Sight Seeing 

Tourism companies

Search & Rescue Pilot

Military, law enforcement, fire & rescue agencies

Aerial Firefighting

Fire & rescue agencies

Flight Instructor

Flight schools

Cargo Pilot

FedEx, UPS, DHL, Amazon Air, Atlas, United States Postal Service

Agriculture Pilot

Farms, corporations, United States Department of Agriculture

Simulator Instructor

Flight schools, type-rating schools, corporations and airlines

Possible Careers for Aviation Administration Majors



Airport Operations/Resource Management

Municipal, regional, and international airports

Airline Revenue Management

Regional and major airlines

Aviation Analyst


Airport Planning

Municipal, regional, and international airports

Fixed Base Operations Management

Private FBO's

Aviation Insurance

Insurance companies

Aircraft Sales

Aircraft manufacturers

Corporate Flight Departments

Large corporations (e.g., Walmart, AT&T)

Safety Manager

Corporations, airlines, FBO's