Student Information

Aviation employers require highly educated and well-trained individuals. The Baylor Institute for Air Science provides a college aviation education along with aviation training which leads to numerous career opportunities. Our Aviation Science program not only provides the student with extensive aviation training and education, but truly prepares them for life after graduation. From analyzing synoptic weather trends to forecasting the highly cyclical aviation industry to preparing for the airline interview process, our students have the proven ability to excel in, and lead, all components of the aviation sector.

Beyond Aviation
The program is more than just aviation. It is a process that, through education and experience, transforms our students into aviation professionals. This process is further enriched through Baylor's spirit of community and faith. Baylor's world class faculty, staff, and facilities are in place specifically to enable your growth and learning.

Explore New Horizons

Baylor Aviation graduates are consistently finding their degree and academic experiences are highly sought after. Employer feedback confirms that the degree, having combined very demanding math and science, forward thinking management, ethically guided Christian heritage and technically advanced aviation courses, induces the critical thinking process and shapes graduates who can truly contribute.

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