Baylor Institute for Air Science

A Higher Calling

SOAR TO NEW HEIGHTS by choosing Baylor University! With our Bachelor’s degree programs in Aviation Sciences and Aviation Administration, we will prepare you for numerous careers in the aviation industry while giving you an unmatched education coupled with opportunities to enjoy student life on a tradition-rich campus. With the advantages of a professional aviation program, a degree from a world-class faith-based university, and a rich college experience, you will be on your flight path to success!

Explore Our Programs

The Bachelor of Science in Aviation Sciences (B.S.A.) degree is a four-year undergraduate program with multiple options so you can serve on the ground or take to the skies.

  • Aviation Sciences major (Professional Pilot Concentration)
  • Aviation Sciences major (Aircraft Dispatch Concentration)
  • Aviation Administration Major
  • Secondary Major in Aviation Sciences
  • Minor in Aviation Sciences

Connected to Industry Expertise

Our classes involve more than just academic instruction - our faculty bring a wide range of aviation industry expertise right into the classroom. We leverage real-world experience in some of the following areas:

  • Airport Management
  • Aircraft Accident Investigation
  • Aviation Law
  • Master Flight Instruction
  • Commercial Aviation
  • Corporate Aviation
  • Military Aviation
  • Weather Analysis & Forecasting

Alumni Spotlight

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Felix Chiota
Felix Chiota
Challenger Pilot with NetJets
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Keith Hewson
Keith Hewson
Boeing 767 Pilot for Atlas Airlines
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Barry Rowe
Barry Rowe
Lieutenant U.S. Air Force Reserves, BS '09

The College Experience

In choosing Baylor University, you will get a fulfilling college experience with abundant opportunities to enjoy student life on a tradition-rich campus that encourages you to grow personally as well as professionally. You will also be among a community of dedicated faculty who care about each student as an individual.

Aerospace Research

Baylor University is a nationally-recognized research institution, and the Institute for Air Science is no exception! Our Space Weather Research Laboratory supports studies of the space environment and solar-terrestrial interaction.