Affordable Course Materials Fellows

Season 3 - Episode 5

March 17, 2021

Episode Notes

Today our guests are Drs. Amy Fleming (lecturer in music theory), Andrea Shepherd (Clinical Instructor at Louise Herrington School of Nursing), and Karenna Malavanti (returning guest and senior lecturer in psychology and neuroscience) at Baylor University. All three of our guests are recent fellows in Baylor’s Summer Affordable Course Materials Program, which offers Baylor faculty the opportunity to re-evaluate their course materials with an eye toward replacing required course materials with low- to zero-cost materials, such as open educational resources or OERs, in order to reduce the per-class costs for our students. We are delighted to have Drs. Fleming, Malavanti, and Shepherd on the show to discuss the inspiration, challenges, and impact of adopting, adapting, or creating affordable course materials.