Summer Ethics Seminar

Dates for SES 2023: May 15-19, 2023

Applications for SES 2023 are due April 13, 2023 [corrected due date]

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The Summer Ethics Seminar is designed to cultivate increased ethical literacy across the Baylor campus. Through a partnership between the Academy for Teaching & Learning and the Baylor Ethics Initiative, this 1-week summer seminar invites faculty into an interdisciplinary conversation that illuminates how ethics is already present within and yet might further shape their teaching and research. Through collaboration with peers and input from colleagues specializing in ethics, the seminar will provide faculty with the necessary tools to further develop the role of ethics in their teaching and research. Each year, the seminar will gather around a unique theme to illuminate the multiple ways ethics is present in our preparation, in our classrooms, and in our research.

2023 Theme: Environmental Humanities

Facilitators: Julia Daniel (English), Josh King (English; Baylor Ethics Initiative), Paul Martens (Religion; Baylor Ethics Initiative)

The theme for the 2023 Summer Ethics Seminar was selected to promote the development of course materials for the Environmental Humanities Minor in ways that help instructors consider the nature of the Environmental Humanities and successful teaching practices, while equipping teachers and students to articulate, evaluate, and communicate ethical postures toward the environment.  Nevertheless, all eligible faculty are encouraged to apply because the overarching aim of articulating, evaluating, and communicating in the ethical realm is applicable across the disciplines.

Participants will meet a few hours each day to discuss readings, share lunch, and work on individual SES projects.

Additional Information

  • Eligibility: SES is available to permanent, full-time faculty members with an appointment for the upcoming academic year and the expectation of continued employment beyond the upcoming academic year. There are other circumstances that preclude participation in SES. For example, full funding from an external research grant requires certification of fulltime work, which is mutually exclusive from participation in SES.
  • Funding: Eligible participants receive a $1,000 stipend. Stipends are paid to faculty with a 10-month contract. SES is available to those on 12-month contracts; faculty in that situation simply continue to receive their regular pay while participating in SES. Eligibility for participation and eligibility for funding are determined for each SES applicant in collaboration with University administrators and college/school business officers.
  • Number of Fellowships: 10
  • Contact: Applications may be obtained by following the link at the top of this page.
  • Deadline: Applications are due by 5:00 p.m. on the designated due date. SES applications may be submitted via hard copy, but we prefer and encourage electronic submission to (Supervisory endorsements should be scanned and emailed or may be provided to via email from the endorsers.)





[NB 03/07/2023: A missed edit of 2022 information produced two publicity emails incorrectly stating sixteen (16) as the number of available fellowships. The correct number of available fellowships for SES 2023 is ten (10). We apologize for any confusion.]