University Teaching Exploration Grants

University Teaching Exploration Grants provide funding to faculty to engage in worthy research projects related to questions of teaching and learning in higher education. Administered by the Academy for Teaching and Learning (ATL), UTEGs are selected by an ad hoc committee.

Application and Projects Timeline

Application Due September 15
Notification to Applicants October 15
Mid-Project Report Due February 15
End of Project Report Due September 15
Dissemination Requirements Due February 15


All full-time faculty members with expectations of ongoing employment at Baylor University, regardless of rank, may apply for UTEGs.

Levels of Funding and Dissemination Requirements

  1. Small Grants: Up to $5,000, with the expectation that researchers will submit their work to a scholarly journal on teaching and learning.
  2. Large Grants: Up to $10,000, with the expectation that researchers will submit a proposal for external funding.

UTEG Forms

If you have questions about program guidelines, please contact Christopher Richmann.


  • Projects that lead to curricula changes should follow departmental, school, and university-wide approval processes and procedures. Before work commences, recipients may benefit from reviewing information about the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and the Graduate Curriculum Committee. Please contact the ATL if you have questions about the curricular review process.
  • Funds must be used in direct support of the UTEG project
  • Funds may be used for support including, but not limited to:
    • Graduate student research/teaching assistant(s)
    • Undergraduate student research/teaching assistant(s)
    • External (non-Baylor) contract services and/or software (e.g., data analysis, transcription, training)
    • Stipends for training events
    • Participant incentives
    • Equipment and supplies (to remain property of Baylor)
    • Hospitality
    • Travel and conference fees
    • Faculty course buyout (with pre-approval from department chair)
  • Funds MAY NOT be used for:
    • Faculty supplemental pay