Approved Category 5 Events

Interested in attending a seminar, forum, or workshop on higher education teaching and learning for TeaCHE Category 5 credit? Drop us a line at If it passes muster and it is publicly available, we'll add it here for everyone's advantage.

Academy for Teaching & Learning Seminars for Excellence in Teaching (SET) are automatically approved for Category 5 points under Item I. All other workshops and events would be claimed for Category 5 under Item A.

Pre-Approved Events (Category 5, Item A)

Approved by Petition (Category 5, Item A)

Date Event Description URL

Spring 2020
Feb 25, March 31, April 14

Connecting with International Students in the Classroom

  • A three-workshop series. Each workshop qualifies as an "Item A" event (for a potential total of 6 pts).
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