TeaCHE Category 3

Category 3: Teaching Documents

Statement of Teaching Philosophy

Teaching philosophy statements are increasing used in academic job searches and professional advancement, but before a statement of teaching philosophy communicates your approach to teaching and learning to a potential employer, it is a tool of self-reflection. A statement of teaching philosophy concisely articulates (1-2 pages) your approach to teaching. It addresses your values and beliefs about teaching and other aspects of your teaching such as style, methods, and expertise.

For Category 3, compose a statement of teaching philosophy and work with a colleague of your choosing for peer-review of your statement. Your colleague should complete a Teaching Philosophy Peer Review Form and meet with you to discuss your statement of teaching philosophy. Your statement of teaching philosophy and your colleague's peer-review form will be included in your final submission packet for TeaCHE completion.


You will also submit two peer-reviewed syllabi and their corresponding Syllabus Peer Review Forms. As with the teaching philosophy, the peer-review process includes a meeting to receive feedback. The syllabi should be for two different courses, and each syllabus should contain the following components.

  • Goals and objectives
  • Required texts
  • Classroom policies
  • Course requirements and assignments
  • Grading scale
  • Semester course schedule (at least by week)
Peer Review
  • You are not required to use the same peer reviewer on all three of the documents in this category. You may use a different peer for each document.
  • Peer review does not have to be reciprocal. You are not required to serve as a peer reviewer for the person who served as peer reviewer for you. In fact, your reviewer may not be a participant in TeaCHE (yet). Peer review can be conducted by any fellow graduate student that you believe can do a good job helping you with these documents.
  • Because peer review can be beneficial to the reviewer as well as the participant, points are available in Category 5 (Self-Directed Study) for participants that serve as peer reviewers.
  • If you need help locating a peer reviewer, email the ATL.