TeaCHE Category 2

Category 2: Teacher of Record Training (TORT)

In 2010, Baylor implemented a policy that all Teachers of Record (graduate students and faculty) receive training appropriate to their role in the University. This training is primarily focused upon the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and related concerns. Sessions are offered each semester that any graduate student may attend and all new Teachers of Record (TORs) are required to attend.

Notifications for upcoming training sessions are sent to new TORs and to participants in TeaCHE with links and instructions for registering. Attendance is tracked by swiping your Baylor ID card at the session and attendance recorded electronically. At the end of your capstone program, you will provide the date of this training on the program completion checklist so that attendance can be verified.

The Category 2 requirement may be fulfilled prior to entering TeaCHE, usually by a participant completing TeaCHE after already becoming a TOR. These participants will have completed this Category 2 requirement as part of their TOR requirements.